Olympic Leotards for Sale

With the Olympics being the hottest event right now, especially gymnastics, many girls are interested in taking gymnastics and dressing exactly like the Team USA’s Olympic gymnasts.

Unfortunately, nobody has been able to find the exact leotards of this year on sale anywhere. If you’re looking to outfit your 2012 team in olympic gear, no worries, there are some great alternatives.┬áThe following 5 sites sell Olympic inspired leotards for even the smallest of gymnasts:

1. Discount Leotards

Discount Leotards has many Olympic and USA inspired leotards to choose from. They have very reasonable prices. The leotards that look the most like the gymnastics’ leotards the gymnast wore in the Olympics are backordered currently.


2. GK Elite

GK brand leotards are considered to be the most recognizable brand of leotards. They have many different styles of Olympic inspired leotards for girls of all ages. These leotards are a lot pricier than leotards found on other sites.


3. Leotard World

Leotard World sells several different types of gymnastic wear similar to the leotards worn by the gymnasts in the Olympics. They even sell a leotard that is similar to the one that Gabby Douglas wore one of the nights that she won a gold medal. Unfortunately, this site does not offer as many leotards as many other sites.


4. Bee Leotards

Bee Leotards offers many different leotards and styles including ones that are similar to what was worn in the Olympics. However, they will not refund shipping and handling if a customer is dissatisfied with their purchase.


5. Dancewear Solutions

Dancewear Solutions has not only Olympic inspired leotards, but a wide variety of leotards for dance. Unfortunately they have a very limited selective of long sleeved leotards.